Lead the Way in Safety with a Safer Sign Out

What is Safer Sign Out?

Safer Sign Out is a patient-centered, team-based innovation that was developed by emergency physicians to improve the safety and reliability of end of shift patient “handoffs.”

The Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation (EMPSF), in collaboration with our innovation partners, brings you the Safer Sign Out protocol to help reduce risk, increase effectiveness and improve clinician and patient satisfaction.

Use this site to aid with education, implementation, access to tools and further innovation.

Why Safer Sign Out?

  • Safety

    Safer Sign Out was designed to focus on known areas of vulnerability

  • Reliability

    Standardized communication methods are proven to reduce errors & lapses

  • Risk Reduction

    Communication errors during handoff are a leading cause of harm

  • Teamwork

    Opportunity for the physician & nurse to share information

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Patients appreciate being a part of the transition